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BodyMind Studios is South Africa's premier pole dancing and sensual dance fitness studio.

Classes are designed to give you a great workout while learning new tricks.
Pole dancing is growing exponentially worldwide. Women, and now men, from all walks of life are discovering what the big deal is. Not only do you get fit, but you are not thinking about it while you are doing it. Climbing a vertical bar is very challenging and works mainly your upper body: shoulders, arms, back and core.
Most of the traditional exercises for women are focused on the lower body: cycling, spinning, running, etc. By working your upper body, not only do you develop your upper and lower body equally, but you strengthen your heart.
Pole dancers' muscles are stronger, but also leaner. As you lift your body weight with your arms, you tend to build strength and stamina faster than you would just lifting weights. You won't gain bulky muscle, just get a leaner and more toned upper body and core.
Our sensual fitness classes are more aerobic classes, creating a balance between upper body and lower body workout. Here we focus on the tummy, thighs, butt and overall conditioning.
Come and give it a whirl, you will wonder why you didn't try it sooner!


All our classes are 45 min unless otherwise specified
Classes are for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.
Our Rivonia studio has men-only classes for the guys out there.
Pole 1 is for beginners, Pole 2 intermediate and Pole 3 is advanced
Classes are taught by qualified pole instructors who love what they do!


"I have been attending classes since May 2006 and they have changed the way I see myself. The classes are absolutely amazing. I love the pole and fitness classes it's now like an integral part of my life. I'm certainly more confident. And most of it I have to attribute to Natasha. Without her guidance in the beginning when I joined I would never have been this motivated to be the best I can be - not only in dancing but in every aspect of my life! Thanks" - U. Chanderparsath (29) Tax Attorney
"Firstly I have muscle where I never knew existed. I have so much more confidence in myself. I have made so many new friends. What is so great about the classes is that you can go at your own pace. It's a wonderful form of exercise." - A. Beckett (25) Fairlands
"I love it! It's given me new confidence! And further belief in my own body" - Fran B (45) Fourways


"I am becoming more feminine and graceful. The flexibility I've gained is fantastic! And most importantly, I am starting to feel like a woman with direction and not as much as a confused teen anymore!" - Candice H (23) Edenvale
"I wake up on a Monday morning looking forward to my 'escapes' from reality. Class gives me the freedom and security to be a sensual confident woman. Pole dancing classes has given me more confidence in the last year than ever before. A great atmosphere with great women has enable me to build a better body and a better 'me'. - Elaine de Gersigny (33) Service Delivery Manager
"At first it's very intimidating, but a few lessons into it you get quite confident and feel sexy. It's definitely challenged me both on a fitness and sensual level. A very exiting and different way to get fit and loads of fun!" - Maja Gerpinska (27)

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